B2B Marketplace Future

Did you know? •The B2B e-commerce market in India is expected to reach $700 billion by 2025, up from $300 billion in 2019. •The Indian B2B e-commerce market is growing at a CAGR of 30%, which is one of the fastest rates globally. •The most popular B2B e-commerce product categories in India include electronics, machinery, chemicals, and...


Problem for Brands

•India has multiple B2B marketplaces to sell products, but all are focused on revenue only and try to sell goods to big distributors. •No platform helps brands to connect them to Retailers directly who make final sales of products. •Most of the marketplaces have no control over purchases. They buy from anyone who wants to sell even from those who...


Problem for Retailers

• India’s economy is even strong while the global crisis because of India's Brick n Mortar Stores. But No one is serious about them. • It's hard for a retailer to know about all brands. • It's hard for them to know about new launch products. • Even they know products but don’t know where can buy for resale. • Distributors have a monopoly...


Solution for Brands

•Brandshops is a Total solution for Brands. •Brandshops Sale goods to retailers only. Strictly no dumping. 100% real sales. •Brandshops help brands to reach their whole products to every retailer and not depend on wholesalers and make brands worry-free about wholesale and want to sell to every retailer or only a few friends. •Brandshops...


Solution for Retailers

•Retailer ki Apni Dukan. •Brandshops buy direct from the brand so 100% genuine products at Brands Prices. •Brandshops showcase all products of those brands who join hands, so retailers have complete info about all brands. •Every newly launched product can see in the new launch section. •No need to contact a dealer, brand, or distributor....